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Business-to-Business PR

Public Relations, Social Media,
and Content Creation

Writing Feature Articles

Distribute stories about how you successfully solved your customers problems.
Include word-of-mouth testimonials directly from your customers.

Building Brand Awareness

Build brand loyalty, credibility and trust by distributing consistent, valuable content.
Create audience-centric messaging that connects with more potential customers

Shortening Sales Cycles

Move your potential customers further down the sales funnel with content that educates.
Solve industry problems, guide buying decisions and influence change.

Creating Content

Connect with your target audience by creating disruptive, educational insight. Convey your value proposition, your key differentiators and control the message.

Publishing in Volume

Reach millions of potential customers each month with articles in top trade publications.
Build relationships that effectively increase brand awareness, lead generation and sales.

Generating Leads

Solve customer problems and build lasting relationships.
Nurture and convert prospective business buyers into qualified leads that drive sales.

Digital PR Agency:

Reaching More Potential Customers

Let’s face it we live in a digital world. That does not mean everything we consume is digital… at least not yet, but Digital Marketing is the best marketing and communications tool to reach more potential customers.

Therefore, industrial B2B companies must excel at utilizing the digital landscape. This means your website that has content that converts, social media posts that engage, email content that gets opened, read and responded to.

Hence, digital marketing requires the right content. Generating content that tells a story, is SEO-friendly, and converts potential customers into qualified leads is becoming increasingly important. Are you producing the right content?

What Our Clients are Saying

"Not long after an article from Rankin PR appeared in a major trade publication, we got a call from someone who had read it. Our transformers are often a bit more expensive than other competitors, but they tend to last longer because of how we build them. That was explained in the article and was a big part of why they called. It turned into a significant sale for us."
Todd Benadum
President ELSCO Transformers
"Rankin PR provides a two-for-one scenario. We get the marketing collateral that they produce – which we use in emails, social media, our website, blog, marketing, etc. - but we also get published in high-authority trade publications and websites which are incredibly important. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cost-effective way to generate leads, build brand awareness and grow a business."
Laura Godfrey
Founder and CEO Brandpoint Analytics
tech pr agency

Stop Selling Products

Start Solving Problems

We take your success stories and write feature articles that tell a story about how you are solving industry problems.

These stories include your customers doing the talking for you. Therefore, these are not articles about how great you think you are, but instead how great your customers feel you are.

PR stories are 3x more visible and 6x more impactful than a similar size ad.

So, for less than the average one-page advertisement in a single trade publication, we can deliver multi-page articles in several of the most prominent publications in your target markets each month.

This gives you the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Remember, you may have the best product in the world, but if your potential customers don’t know you exist or that you are able to solve their problems, you are doomed to fail.

Who's Benefiting from our digital PR agency

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