5 Reasons Why Feature Articles Are the Most Effective Way to Create Demand for B2B Companies

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5 Reasons Why Feature Articles Are the Most Effective Way to Create Demand for B2B Companies

Generating articles in trade publications is the best marketing hack to reach your target audience on a budget.

For B2B companies, when it comes to reaching your target audience, informative content is the most effective way to move the needle and turn prospects into leads. But not all content is created equal.

Many companies spend a lot of time and money creating blogs, social media and other content that only reaches a very small percentage of potential prospects. Even the best attempts at this reach only a very limited number of people that follow you on social media or regularly read your blog posts.

Unless you’re an iconic brand like Coke or Nike, there are certainly potential customers out there that may not even know you exist or if they do, may only know very little about you. Expanding your reach and exposure to unlock new customers is key to growing your business.

To engage with a larger segment of your target audience, creating feature articles about your success stories and getting those published in trade magazines delivers your message to a much wider audience. If done right, these articles have the ability to grab the attention of your prospects and drive them into action.

Do people still read trade magazines?

Not only do people still read the trades, but a report from MediaGrowth Research found that more than 92% of decision makers across all B2B industries read trade publications to help stay in front of the curve and guide purchasing decisions.

In fact, 97% of those surveyed said that trade publications have a direct impact on purchasing decisions.

The key to leveraging this, however, is generating the right content.

How to create content that converts?

To create content that converts a potential customer into a qualified lead and hopefully a sale, you need content that provides relevance. The content has to educate, benefit, and help them solve a problem. It also needs to guide them to reach an informed buying decision, and compel them take action.

This is where a few public relations agencies have found a niche, creating content that not only gets published in numerous trade publications, but has the ability to address a target audience’s needs and desires.

While PR is almost always utilized by large, Fortune 500 companies, it is often even more impactful for B2B companies with more restrictive budgets. That’s because PR can provide content in trade publications that would cost the equivalent of $10K-20K in advertising, for just a fraction of that per month.

5 Reasons Feature Articles Create Demand for B2B Companies

1) They increase awareness with your target audience

2) They include word-of-mouth testimonials from your customers

3) They generate inbound leads

4) They are able to explain your value proposition and why you’re the best possible solution

5) They increase organic search results and overall SEO strategies

This type of public relations significantly increases brand credibility and has been proven to shorten sales cycles, generate qualified inbound leads and ultimately increase revenue. However, it doesn’t stop there.

The ongoing value of PR

For B2B companies, the most effective way to build demand is by generating high-quality published articles in targeted trade publications in volume over time.

These published articles can be repurposed for social media posts, email campaigns, sales collateral, website content or broken up to supply content for brochures, blog posts, and even into advertisements – where necessary. Their residual value is enormous and only limited by creativity.

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