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Challenging the Status Quo

In everything we do at our B2B PR agency, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.

We challenge the status quo by crafting user-friendly content that delivers value for the intended audience.   

We just happen to write great stories that get published in quantity allowing our clients to attract new customers and ultimately grow the business.

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Why Partner with Rankin PR

  • Guaranteed media placements
  • Increase awareness, educate the marketplace, and build credibility
  • Grow your marketing ecosystem with the content from the article and leverage it across all digital channels
  • Maximize media placements and generate consistent news coverage
  • Almost zero time and effort required from you and your team

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What Our Clients are Saying

We were invisible. I don't know another way to say it. We were simply not known. Sales were slow and I remember that panicky feeling of how in the world do I let people know that we’re here. Before working with Rankin PR, I had no idea that they were the missing piece. We would have folded if we hadn't gotten their help. In a little over two years together, our sales have doubled, and we were just cited at a major industry conference as “the leader in the industry.” I am convinced that this all comes from the marketing and public relations that Rankin PR is doing.
Public Relations Client
Diane Kees
"Rankin PR presented me a 'value proposition' that was so unique in comparison to any PR program that I had been involved with throughout my 35+ years in the industry. The program yielded extraordinary results as far as ROI, new product introductions, services and company capabilities. Greg exceeded all my expectations for every project that we worked together on. It is always a pleasure working with a true professional and someone you can rely on each and every time."
Greg Wind
Director of Marketing
"Not long after an article from Rankin PR appeared in a major trade publication, we got a call from someone who had read it. Our transformers are often a bit more expensive than other competitors, but they tend to last longer because of how we build them. That was explained in the article and was a big part of why they called. It turned into a significant sale for us."
Todd Benadum
"Rankin PR provides a two-for-one scenario. We get the marketing collateral that they produce – which we use in emails, social media, our website, blog, marketing, etc. - but we also get published in high-authority trade publications and websites which are incredibly important. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cost-effective way to generate leads, build brand awareness and grow a business."
Laura Godfrey
Founder and CEO

Who's Benefiting from our Digital PR Agency

Start Telling Better Stories

We take your success stories and write feature articles that describe how you are solving industry problems.

These stories feature your customers doing the talking for you. Therefore, these are not articles about how great you think you are, but instead how great your customers feel you are.

Did you know PR stories are 3x more visible and 6x more impactful than a similar size ad?

So, for less than the average one-page advertisement in a single trade publication, we can deliver multi-page articles in several of the most prominent publications in your target markets each month.

This gives you the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Remember, you may have the best product in the world, but if your potential customers don’t know you exist or that you are able to solve their problems, you are doomed to fail.

Public Relations Portfolio

The 6-D Process for Success


your differentiators, value proposition, and how you separate yourself from competitors.


the needs of the marketplace and how you can positioning yourself to solve them.


the best strategy to increase brand awareness, lead generation and sales.


compelling, high-level content that engages your target audience.


your content through as many digital and print channels as possible.


qualified leads that are already pre-sold on your offering. 

Break Through Today's Fast-Paced,
Low Attention Span, Oversaturated Marketplace

People are tired of being promised a solution only to get the same old hype, clichés, and empty superlative (marketing speak). Your potential customers want answers to their problems, and they want them now.

Today, you have to deliver those answers through insightful, educational, and even disruptive content.

As a leading B2B PR agency, we are focused on helping industrial and B2B technology clients generate the publicity, media recognition, and digital presence needed to attract more customers in today’s fast-paced, low attention span, oversaturated marketplace.

Being a pioneer in B2B PR, we are a trusted partner of many of the world’s most influential brands, helping them win new business and make a difference in the world. Our powerful B2B PR strategies and solutions will help you become leaders in your field.

Gain influence by increasing your brand awareness and improving your brand image today! Ready to get started?