Aerospace PR & Marketing: The Sky’s the Limit

Aerospace PR & Marketing

Innovation and technological advancements continue to propel the aerospace industry to new heights. To capitalize on this potential, however, it has become increasingly important that aerospace companies within this highly competitive, regulated, and lucrative industry continue to promote those achievements. Just as manufacturers of the world’s most advanced jets and airplanes rely on a small group of industry experts to supply them with cutting-edge technology and designs, the aerospace sector similarly needs to engage with agencies that are experts in aerospace PR and marketing.

Not having an aerospace public relations agency in today’s world just won’t fly. Read on to learn how to build an effective PR and marketing strategy for the aerospace industry and discover how its benefits can help your company skyrocket.

Liftoff with content marketing

First, aerospace companies should prioritize content marketing. After all, what is more exciting than stories about the F-35 Lightning or the soon-to-be space tourism industry? Yet, your brand story does not require something this sensational to drum up some much-needed positive press recognition. Your company’s origins, technological advancements, and sustainability efforts can all be engaging topics to build trust with your prospective clients.

For example, Boeing had an article about reducing waste from scrapped fasteners by sorting and repurposing the “waste”. Nothing too exciting there, right? That is until you read on about how the company saved an estimated $70 million per year by doing so. Now that is where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

Soaring high with aerospace PR & marketing

While telling a great story is a good first step, how great is it if it does not reach the right people – your ideal customers? This is where aerospace PR enhances your company’s credibility, taking those stories and getting them published in some of the most respected trade publications in the world. This type of positive press coverage grabs people’s attention, builds awareness, and can even shorten sales cycles through insightful and educational stories

Just as it’s important to have storytellers on your side, it’s crucial to have experienced crisis communicators to control narratives should an unexpected event arise. They can help manage your company’s reputation and bring public focus back to more productive areas.

Landing social media

Another amazing aspect of creating feature stories and then getting them published in top trade journals is that you can now repurpose that content across all your channels. LinkedIn especially is an invaluable tool for B2B businesses, where you can connect with others in the aerospace industry and interact with fellow experts.

Now that we’ve discussed this three-pronged approach to your aerospace public relations and marketing strategy, we can get a little more specific! You can utilize marketing and PR for different aerospace sub-sectors. For example:

Spacecraft and aerospace manufacturers

Spacecraft and aerospace manufacturers can leverage earned media and authoritative websites to showcase products, appealing to both suppliers and buyers in the aerospace manufacturing supply chain.

Commercial aerospace manufacturers

Commercial aerospace manufacturers can craft social media posts and email newsletters to deliver a compelling message to potential partners in vehicle assembly and launch companies.

Aerospace PR & marketing satellite communications

Those in satellite communications can run PR campaigns and create content to highlight technological advancements. Video updates and white papers are especially useful for broadcasting your story and reaching industry experts.

Space logistics and infrastructure

Space logistics and infrastructure can wield the power of digital marketing to showcase the journey of advanced space hardware. By emphasizing safeguards, successes, and even failures (authenticity will always set you apart!), you’ll stand out in a competitive market.

Aerospace PR & marketing for rocket propulsion systems

Rocket propulsion systems can focus on thought leadership pieces to showcase technical advancements that set you apart from competitors.

Space tourism

Those in space tourism can capitalize on this sub-sector’s growing popularity with sponsorships and high-profile launches. Exploring opportunities for earned media and broadcast placements will generate excitement and attract the adventurous clients you’re looking for.

Aerospace PR & marketing for geospatial imagery

Geospatial imagery can utilize digital ads, website development, and PR initiatives to showcase beautiful and dynamic aerial imagery.

These are just some of the examples of how you can use marketing and PR for your specific sub-sector — when it comes to creativity, the sky’s the limit!

Benefits of Aerospace PR and Marketing

We’ve outlined your strategy and given examples of how to best utilize marketing and PR across different sectors… But what are the key benefits of an aerospace marketing and PR strategy?

The first is cost-effectiveness.

In an industry with large sales, even one conversion can offset marketing costs significantly. With a marketing and PR strategy, you can easily track KPIs for effective lead generation.

Second, audience reach.

Defining target audience personas and developing a comprehensive strategy amplifies your company’s voice. It also allows you to better conduct competitor research to outperform industry rivals.

Third, flexibility to re-plan and re-strategize.
You can easily adapt to real-world events and campaign performance data. Simply adjust marketing strategies in response to unforeseen delays or changes in launch schedules.

Fourth, better conversion rates.

You can track your conversions and repurpose and adapt content for different uses, continuing to maximize its impact.

Fifth, opportunities to engage with customers.

Utilizing various channels such as social media, media outlets, white papers, and case studies allows you to maintain round-the-clock activity, capturing leads and generating interest globally.

And sixth, personalized messaging.
Tailoring branding and messaging to stand out addresses the specific needs of your target audience.

We know you’re busy navigating the skies and might not have the time to navigate your marketing and PR strategy, too! Rankin PR can help. Contact us to get started.