Cracking the Code: Technology PR Agencies Propel AI Companies to the Bleeding Edge


AI is seemingly taking over the world! Not in the “Terminator” sense of the expression but the far-reaching impact of the technology is evident. There is little doubt that AI will change the way almost everyone lives, works, and maybe even dreams. For companies that develop AI and machine learning (ML) technologies, there has been a slew of recent headlines – some positive, some not as much – around the coming of artificial intelligence. While the spotlight on AI can be seen as a positive, it also makes it much more difficult for companies that make AI technologies to break through the crowd to be seen and heard. This is where AI-focused PR is cracking the code.

With a PR agency that understands artificial intelligence and how to publicize it, AI companies can increase brand awareness, build credibility, and generate more inbound leads. By taking a strategic approach you can position your AI company as a trusted leader within this space. You can also rise above the competition and see rapid growth. In this blog, we will discuss why AI companies need AI PR.

AI PR is on the bleeding edge

First and foremost, AI PR is not your father’s public relations that relied on press releases to generate coverage. While the modern press release may still have its place, there are far better ways of generating a consistent presence within those publications that target your audience. For example, at Rankin PR, we have developed a niche writing feature articles. These stories are insightful and educational, while at the same time tackling the latest industry trends.

Within these articles, our clients are featured, but not in an overly hyped or advertorial nature. Instead, we connect with your ideal customers by generating content that disrupts industry norms and imparts beneficial end-user information. That is the type of content that converts. 

Additionally, by writing feature articles for trade publications, you control the narrative. You also control whether or not your competition is mentioned. Additionally, you control how your value proposition and differentiators are presented within that story.

Trade publications are the fast lane to industry recognition

Once your story is crafted, we then take that content and get it published in volume with the trade publication that your prospects are reading and actively seeking out innovative solutions. Getting articles printed in these publications increases your visibility and fosters trust, positioning your AI company as an industry leader.

Rankin PR can not only help you get placed in trade publications but we can:

1. Craft compelling narratives that are disruptive and relevant

B2B technology PR agencies understand the intricacies of AI and can translate complex messaging into interesting narratives that resonate with industry professionals. By humanizing AI, PR experts make it accessible and relatable, enabling potential clients to grasp the tangible value AI can bring to their business.

2. Showcase success stories for credibility

B2B tech PR agencies excel at sharing real-world impact through case studies and success stories. These offer tangible proof of the benefits derived from AI implementation. They also help with industry validation by highlighting these achievements in trade publications and establishing the AI company as an industry trailblazer.

3. Facilitate thought leadership for market influence

AI PR experts can also arrange participation in podcasts, industry events, webinars, and conferences. These can help solidify your AI company as a thought leader. Through showcasing expertise, they also build trust with potential clients.

4. Agencies can arrange media outreach for amplified visibility

AI PR teams can also leverage their media relationships to secure coverage in trade publications and mainstream media, elevating the company’s profile and extending its reach.

As more and more executives consider integrating AI into their workflow and business leaders in the AI sector strive for rapid growth, partnering with a B2B PR agency is not just advantageous; it’s essential. Through strategic communication, trade publication visibility, and thought leadership, AI companies can navigate the complex landscape with confidence, driving unparalleled success in the competitive world of B2B technology.

Want to get started? Rankin PR is here to help; reach out to us!