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Write feature articles that publish 40-80 times per year.

Nothing sticks in your head like a great story.
Let us tell yours.

Generating the Right
B2B PR Content is Pivotal

Your content has to be about your potential customer. Teaching them how to solve a problem, presenting the benefits of your product and not the features, helping them reach an informed buying decision, and most importantly, making them take action. We write feature articles that get published in high-authority publications 40-80 times per year.

Produce 5-10 million impressions per year with your target audience

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Informative, Disruptive Public Relations

Most Effective Way to Turn Prospects into Customers

When communicating with your target audience: informative, disruptive content is the most effective way to turn prospects into customers. The question then is, how do you get that content in front of your target audience? Moreover, how can you get them to consume that content? 92% of the engineers, across all industries, report still reading trade publications. 97% of those say they make purchasing decisions based on what they read. Therefore, public relations articles in trade publications become the most intriguing and cost-effective approach to reaching potential customers.

Our 6-D Process

For Great B2B PR


What are your differentiators and how are your competitors positioning themselves?


What are the needs of the marketplace and how are you positioning yourself to solve those needs?


What is the best strategy to increase brand awareness, lead generation and sales?


What would your customers say about their experience working with you?


What trade publications would generate the biggest buzz for your business?


How would millions of people reading about your success stories increase your ability to grow?

Why Choose Rankin PR?

Sales is a numbers game. Therefore, in order to generate sales, you need a certain number of leads. Moreover, in order to generate leads, you need impressions.

We generate about 2 million impressions per year for our clients.

Generating this amount of impressions in advertising would cost between $750k and $1million dollars per year.

The key to sales is being “Top of Mind” at the time of purchase

PR creates that consistent presence with your target markets.

Most companies send out 3-5 RFQs.

If you are always top of mind, then when it is time to send out the RFQ, you make the short list.

Time kills all deals and the longer it takes to close a sale the more money is lost.

Our articles give you the ability to layout your full value proposition, your differentiators and include third party validation.

Assisting your prospects from step-1 of the sales process to much further down the sales funnel.

This is huge because, with all the information that people need at their fingertips, most of the decisions are made before ever talking to a sales person.

If people like you, they will talk to you. But if they trust you they will buy from you. — Zig Ziglar

Name recognition isn’t enough. Your customers must trust your integrity and expertise to provide a solution to their problem.

Writing feature articles about your success stories – that include your customers doing the talking – are incredibly effective at conveying credibility. 

In addition, thought leadership pieces, tips, safety stories help establish you as experts.

You get personal one-on-one service from the entire team with everyone form the top down 100% accessible to you at any time.

We become part of your marketing team giving you back valuable time to focus on what you do best, run your business, grow sales, develop great products and/or services.

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