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Cybercrime is expected to cost the global economy $10.5 trillion per year by 2025. This is up from $3 trillion in 2015, according to some of the cybersecurity world’s leading researchers and publishers. The cybersecurity industry is saddled with the responsibility of protecting people and organizations from this growing epidemic. However, the number of players in this sector can muddy the waters and make it difficult to find the most ideal solutions.

That is where cybersecurity PR has become an increasingly important partner for the cybersecurity industry. By generating insightful, educational, and even disruptive content and then facilitating placement of that into a diverse set of industry publications, you grow your awareness, increase credibility, and generate qualified inbound sales leads that ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Create Demand for Your Cybersecurity Business

When it comes to cybersecurity, our B2B PR agency understands the issues and how to communicate those to the decision-makers who are struggling to put the fire out. Our established relationships within the cybersecurity sector, as well as almost all other B2B verticals, allow us to guarantee your articles will get published in quantity.

If you are a cybersecurity operation it is your obligation to let the world know about your offering. This is what we excel at. Our articles have been published over 10,000 times in top trade journals.

The typical results from our clients can vary, but many are reporting 200-300% increases in sales while doing very little additional marketing and communications.

Are you ready to let the world know what you are offering?

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Content Creation for Cybersecurity Industry

Content creation can be a major pain point for the cybersecurity industry. People that are tasked with protecting their businesses from a cyberattack are often under a lot of pressure. Developing engaging content that a CISO or other IT or OT professionals would engage with is where we thrive. Our articles get published by cybersecurity trade publications hundreds of times per year.  See a sample here:

Cybersecurity PR

Cybersecurity PR stemming the tide of breaches

Recently, LastPass, a cybersecurity company that sells password management software, suffered a cyber-attack that compromised the security of over 30 million individuals. Before that, it was the messaging giant Twilio, whose breach put over 75 million users’ data at risk. DoorDash, the food delivery service, was also a victim of a recent breach that exposed the personal information of its 4.9 million customers. The source of these incidents all have one thing in common: avoidable human action.

In 2022, almost $2 billion USD was spent on cyber awareness training with the goal of greatly reducing the number of breaches that rely on a human factor, also known as accidental insiders.

Yet, according to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Security Report, 82% of successful cyberattacks continue to involve a human element. Now, generic, one-size-fits-all security awareness training programs are under fire with more companies looking at behavioral-based training to develop a more resilient and security-aware culture.

“Most awareness training options available today were developed about ten years ago with a focus on compliance,” explains Doug Glair, Director of Cybersecurity at ISG – a leading global technology research and advisory firm. “They just don’t get to the root of the problem. We need to be concentrating on shifting the way people behave and that starts with changing the culture.”

Read the full published article here

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How to Measure Your Cybersecurity PR

Let’s face it, these days you really need to be able to prove your B2B cybersecurity PR is delivering results that actually impact the bottom line. So, how do you measure that?

We have set up a list of the KPIs that you can use to prove the value and impact of your PR.

Are you looking to increase revenue, generate more leads, and improve your awareness and credibility within your industry? Check out what KPIs you should be tracking.

Cybersecurity PR: A Brand Boost!

It is critical for security companies to remain ‘top of mind’ for your potential customers. The higher you raise your profile, the more likely you are to attract customers who want your services.

This is where storytelling in cybersecurity is increasingly becoming an unbelievably powerful tactic. Why? Because nothing sticks in your head like a story.

Have you ever watched a great movie and just couldn’t stop thinking about it, sometimes for days? How great would it be if you wrote a story about one of your successful projects and hundreds, or even thousands, of people got that story stuck in their head?

That would be an incredible brand boost!

Whose Problems Have You Solved Today?

Research shows that the best way for a company to build trust is by solving problems for its customers. In fact, 85% of people rate solving problems as the most important factor for building trust.

The great part about solving problems for your customers is that you can use that to build trust with new customers. Simply write up a story about the challenges they were facing and how you were able to solve those.

If you need help getting those stories in front of more people, we can help.

PR for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity PR Does Not Require Big Budgets

Not having a bigger budget than your competition should not be a limiting factor. Sure, they can outspend you, and they can out-advertise you, but they should not be able to outwork or outsmart you. The things that don’t cost money often can move the needle so much more.

This can include using your happy customers to execute the most effective marketing tactic of all. Using word of mouth to spread the word about what you can do. This is what Rankin PR’s cybersecurity PR program is built around – your happy customers doing the talking for you.

This can be a short testimonial for your website or social media, but a far more effective approach is to utilize their kind words in a feature article that gets published in top trade publications.

Why Cybersecurity PR

Digital Security PR

A business should always be improving. There is no status quo. Either you are getting better or you are getting worse. Unfortunately, too many people would rather continue down the same road saying, “We do it this way because we have always done it this way.”

The definition of insanity is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting a different result. If you are not improving, what can you do right now, this week, to change the direction you are heading?

For starters, you can investigate cybersecurity PR. The approach Rankin PR utilizes is different from other PR agencies out there because we have thrown out the press releases in favor of high-quality content that provides a benefit to the end user. Content solves problems and conveys the coming industry trends, published where the people who matter will see it.

PR: Who is it For?

Are you wanting PR to promote something YOU find valuable and important? Or something that your CUSTOMERS find valuable and important?

There’s no right or wrong. But, there’s a huge difference in what is profitable.

PR that delivers value to your potential customers can grow your revenue by 300%.

Cybersecurity PR with the Help of Others

B2B buyers are typically motivated by:

— Will this increase profitability?

— Can this reduce our costs?

— How can this enhance productivity?

You could answer those questions directly (boring) or you could provide social proof by letting your customers answer them for you. This word-of-mouth approach is by far the most effective way to build credibility.

Word of Mouth for cybersecurity PR

Why Cybersecurity PR Is Rapidly Growing

We are all tired of being sold to, pitched at, and spammed by companies pushing products and services. We have built up “walls of refusal” to avoid these unsolicited offers.

This is where cybersecurity PR sets itself apart. With cybersecurity PR you are not pitching or overtly promoting.

Instead, your content is educational, insightful, or even disruptive material that benefits your target audience.

By sharing relevant information, you build the trust and loyalty that is necessary to grow your company’s revenue and attract customers that are ready to buy NOW.


PR Delivers Backlinks for SEO

There are a lot of advantages to digital public relations. For example, when a PR article publishes online, it will have a “do-follow” backlink, and this alone can deliver an ROI on your public relations efforts.

Typically, trade journals have a domain authority score between 60-99. This just means Google believes these websites are very important.

So, when they are linking back to your website, it’s like a celebrity endorsement as far as Google is concerned.

Cybersecurity PR Provides the “Pull Through” Effect

Increasing brand awareness and credibility are two of the most important things you can do to grow your business. Often B2Bs emphasize sales and pushing products out the door. But it’s a lot easier if the product/service is being pulled out the door by interested customers.

Earned media – or articles in trade or digital publications that you “earn” versus pay for – deliver the awareness and credibility you need to deliver the “pull-through”.

We’d love to have a call to discuss how you can do just that with cybersecurity PR.