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Our focus on design engineering PR delivers in-depth, technical content with informative articles that speak directly to engineers and those that supply them with the products they need to launch the products of tomorrow. By being hyper-focused on the world of design engineering, we have taken our clients’ public relations campaigns to stratospheric heights.

We do this through our proprietary approach to design engineering PR. We have developed a process by which we write feature articles, and get those published, as essentially contributing writers for top-tier trade publications. This allows you the ability to control the entire process and the content that gets published. In fact, our feature articles have been published over 10,000 times in major trade publications and have been read by over 250 million people worldwide.

By taking this approach, you can get one article published 10-15 times (or more). We even got a recent article on drone-based metrology for the F-35 published over 30 times.

Design engineering PR alleviates the pain

Content creation is a major pain point for design engineering-focused businesses. Yes, you can create some of the world’s most incredible designs, but writing a story about how you were successful in this endeavor is often a struggle.

According to a recent report from, 1 in 2 marketers that focus their sales on engineers said content creation is their biggest challenge. Why is creating content so difficult?  Regardless of who you are creating the content for, it actually takes a considerable amount of time and resources.

Developing engaging content for engineers takes that to a whole new level. You have to have a high level of technical knowledge from specialized experts and you also have to be able to tell a story.

This is where we can help. We have written about very complex subject matters, but are also able to boil it down to a story that people can relate to.

Design Engineering PR

Bridging the gap between PR and engineers

Design Engineering PR

Companies that focus on design engineering cannot afford to produce fluff stories that fail to connect with their target audience. And let’s be honest, not every public relations firm can produce high-quality, often technical, articles for these industries.

When it comes to design engineering PR, it’s best to invest in a company that understands your customers and the type of materials they will engage with. Want to see what it looks like? Here is an article we wrote about selecting the right fastener for the job:

Choosing the wrong insert for the application can significantly increase costs, scrap rates, the risk of product failure, and manufacturing downtime.

Metal inserts are integral to the design and manufacturing of many molded plastic products. Yet, because inserts are often viewed as commodity items, it is not uncommon for product designers to write up basic specs for an insert without confirming that the insert selected is in fact the most suitable for the product and its application. With the number of inserts required often reaching the millions, failure to source the most ideal insert can significantly increase costs, scrap rates, the risk of product failure, and result in excessive manufacturing downtime.

To solve this issue, many OEMs and plastic molders have discovered that teaming with insert manufacturers that offer engineering expertise throughout the design and manufacturing process can be worth its weight in gold. This not only creates an extension of the OEMs own technical team, but can assist in the discovery of non-standard insert designs that can overcome wear problems, improve performance or longevity, and provide major cost savings in the long run.

Read the full story here.  

We know design engineering PR

Rankin PR works with editors in the design engineering world on a daily basis. We know what type of content they are looking for, what they will and what they won’t publish.

The public relations strategies we offer are tailored specifically for companies in the manufacturing and design engineering sectors. With our team’s experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your company will be able to present itself in the best possible light when it comes time to publish articles. Our articles promote you while also engaging with your target audience. 

PR for Design Engineering

Getting the right word out

When it comes to your messaging, it’s imperative that you are reaching your target audience always and in all ways. So, if you are busy focusing all your attention on your website or SEO, then you are missing out on numerous other channels – earned media, social media, etc.

However, even if you are hitting all the right channels, you still have to hit them with the right message and this is where most companies fall short.

Your messaging must focus on THEM, not YOU!

Don’t focus on your product’s features. That’s boring. Focus on how those features benefit your customers. Now you’re talking!


When it comes to communicating with design engineers, reaching them where they’re looking is key, but only if what you are saying connects. This is where we scream, “stop using marketing hype language.” 

As soon as someone reads something along the lines of, “best-in-class,” “premiere,” “seamless integration,” or “groundbreaking” they tune you out. That’s because we are hit with more than 5,000 ads per day that use this exact language.

Instead of following the folks on Madison Ave, try looking at golden age of Hollywood. Tell a story that grabs your audience’s attention, and holds them captivated until the end.

Content for every channel

Our content has amazing residual value for companies that work in the design engineering industry. Unlike an advertisement that has a limited run, our feature articles stay online forever, essentially. Plus, the trade publications are where engineers go first for research.

The articles that publish in digital trade publications also provide high domain authority backlinks. This is worth more than water in the desert. Of all the SEO tricks used to get your site ranking higher, there are few things more important than backlinks. These links on other websites that direct traffic to your site are the most valuable tool in increasing domain authority and search engine rank.

The best way to get them is through earned media. Our earned media program has generated thousands of backlinks for our clients.

Plus, there is really no end to the way the content that we create can be repurposed for sales collateral, advertising, website content, social media campaigns, etc. This alone puts the value of our services at a soaring above the rest. 

Design Engineer PR

Connect the dots is the key to design engineering PR

Not only is it important to reach your prospect at the right time with the right message, but it is a whole lot more effective if you are able to connect the (marketing) dots.

For example, when asked the typical tracking question, “how did you hear about us?” most people have no answer or they’ll say the generic, “online, Google, etc.” – which tells you almost nothing about why they decided to reach out. Was it your website, a mention on another website, in an article, from social media, etc.?

This can lead to misguided assumptions as to what’s working and what’s not. 

Believe it or not, there is a psychological reason for these generic responses. That being that people need to see your message more than one time – typically around 7 times – before they take it in. 

Therefore, it was not just your website, your LinkedIn post, or that article about you in a recent trade publication, but instead it was many (or even all) of these. An integrated marketing campaign turns each of these marketing functions to one interconnected approach.