Manufacturing Public Relations: Beyond the Factory Floor

Manufacturing Public Relations

Manufacturers are facing a number of pressing issues: a lack of skilled labor, supply chain disruptions, and worker safety is always of critical concern. However, that’s just skimming the surface; technology issues abound like automation, robotics, AI as well as IT and OT cybersecurity. So, when it comes time to worry about driving up demand for those goods, manufacturers are increasingly turning to highly specialized manufacturing PR agencies.  

What these B2B PR agencies can do is increase a manufacturer’s visibility within a target market, educate those potential customers, and establish the credibility needed to close more deals. In addition, some agencies are able to ensure your stories are published multiple times a month in an ongoing effort to create the requisite amount of positive press coverage. By doing so, manufacturers are able to address their sales funnels in three critical areas: top-of-funnel awareness, middle-funnel education, and bottom-of-the-funnel trust.

Manufacturing PR to rescue

The key to manufacturing public relations is in the content. B2B customers aren’t just looking for products; they’re seeking solutions to their pressing industry problems. Highlighting how your products supply that relief is the key to differentiating yourself from the competition while building trust and credibility with potential customers. Success stories, case studies, and articles about the coming trends are some of the best ways to demonstrate the impact your products are delivering.

However, the biggest challenge is then getting those stories into the hands of your ideal customers. This is where manufacturing public relations is really helping companies grow. By taking those stories and facilitating placement in some of the top industry trade publications, your target audience is now more aware of your offering. They are learning about your differentiators and value proposition without the sales hype.

Innovations in manufacturing PR

Compare this approach to more traditional PR where you are pitching a story idea to the media and hoping they use their resources to write something for you. First, you have no control over the content that is finally printed. Maybe it turns out great, but what if it doesn’t? That is a lot of wasted resources.

Plus, this approach fails to be sustainable. You are more likely to get one article published every few months than several articles each and every month.

In addition, securing these crucial media placements in industry publications helps manufacturers demonstrate commitment to excellence — from addressing evolving market demands to rising to meet customer needs. Moreover, manufacturing PR initiatives highlighting product innovation serve as powerful testimonials to a company’s culture of creativity, ingenuity, and ability to be forward-thinking. By positioning innovation as a core value, manufacturers attract top talent, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and strengthen their reputation as industry leaders.

3rd-party validation

In addition, when the media runs a story on your company, it delivers excellent 3rd-party validation. This is incredibly valuable because people are more skeptical than ever. Everyone has seen the fake news or the pyramid schemes and no one wants to fall victim to that. So, people are increasingly looking for independent validation of a product or service. Google, Amazon, and Netflix have made a huge impact on this, but it goes way beyond that. Yelp, Trip Advisor, and even Rotten Tomatoes have created a whole business out of reviews.

Taking this concept of 3rd-party validation one step further could include getting your customers to be included in the stories your industrial PR agency is creating. They don’t need to say you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead, they simply need to explain the issues they were facing. How did they try, and fail, to resolve it? What do you offer that is different and helped them resolve those challenges? These types of stories offer some of the most impactful ways for businesses to communicate with their ideal customers.

Manufacturing public relations in action

For example, we represent a company that manufactures a piece of construction equipment that is revolutionizing the single-family home-building industry. The design is a sandwich panel that allows home builders to pour concrete on site and then cure those into panels that can be tilted up for a quick and easy build – like how commercial construction is done. By doing so, builders can not only offer concrete homes to the markets that are in fire, hurricane, and tornado-prone areas but do so at a much lower cost than has ever been possible.

Rankin PR has been able to tell that story through a sustainable manufacturing PR campaign which is allowing the company to facilitate new business and increase sales. 

One of the primary objectives of manufacturing PR is to spotlight product innovation. Whether it’s the development of groundbreaking technologies or the introduction of more sustainable materials, manufacturing PR allows companies to share their advancements with the world.

Highlight process efficiencies

Going beyond product innovation, by crafting PR articles that highlight the adoption of process efficiencies, including lean manufacturing techniques, automation technologies, and waste reduction strategies, companies that help manufacturers along these lines can also grow their audiences. These articles communicate how manufacturers are streamlining processes to deliver greater value to clients while maximizing sustainability.

Case studies, whitepapers, and online content can effectively illustrate how these process improvements translate into tangible benefits for clients, such as faster turnaround times, improved quality, and reduced resource consumption. By sharing success stories and best practices, manufacturers can position themselves as industry leaders and drive efficiency across the value chain.

The integration of manufacturing PR into strategic communication plans will be essential for navigating change, driving innovation, and helping the entire manufacturing industry grow and prosper. Manufacturing public relations is something companies can prosper from in the good times, but can really deliver a boost when marketing during a slowdown.

Need help leveraging your manufacturing PR to get the word out about your sustainability and innovation efforts? Contact Rankin PR.