PR Articles: 12 Ways to Maximize Published Content

PR articles

When it comes to marketing, you always want to generate the biggest bang for the buck. Thus, there are very few strategies that deliver better than generating PR articles in trade publications. These articles are consumed by hundreds of thousands of potential customers upon first run. However, one of the greatest advantages B2B companies can benefit from is their lasting residual value.

There is a seemingly endless list of possible ways published articles can be repurposed and leveraged for an even bigger impact. While only limited by creativity, here is a short list of ways to get the most out of a successful feature article PR campaign.

  1. Integrate them into mass email campaigns, sending them out to potential leads or to past customers.
  2. Share them on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and your Google business page.
  3. Excerpt testimonial quotes and include them on the homepage.
  4. Give them to your sales department as collateral. They can email them out to leads or take them into meetings as a handout.
  5. Post them on the company’s website. 
  6. Link to them within a blog post.
  7. Include the entire article, or parts, in brochures and tri-folds.
  8. Tweet out the link to the online article.
  9. Use them in sales presentations including a slideshow like PowerPoint.
  10. Use the print outs for display at a trade show booth or as handouts.
  11. Compile the press clippings into an impressive media report.
  12. Include them in corporate communications to stockholders or investors.

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 Bonus Tips

  • Create a promotional mailing (yes, snail mail) and send it to key players with a personal note
  • You can also frame the magazines to hang around the office which can be great for company morale as well as visitors.

When the articles appear online, their residual value can increase in even more ways. If the story includes a backlink, you get a boost with your SEO/SEM strategies.

Additionally, most trade publications typically keep the stories online for years (in some cases more than a decade) and the links tend to stay at the top of the search engine results for years.

Due to the fact that there are literally dozens of ways to repurpose feature articles to leverage more leads and sales, it is by far one of the best investments a B2B company can make to ultimately increase revenue.

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