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“Publicity is absolutely critical. PR stories are infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” -Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin.

The key to marketing is credibility. PR stories is more believable than advertising. Therefore, it is much more likely to deliver the trustworthiness you business needs to attract new business.


PR Stories vs. Advertisements

The secret is in the messaging

Due to the fact that PR articles appear to be writing from an unbiased journalist, they are more believable and readable. In addition, When you add customer testimonials to those PR articles, it increases credibility by 92%.


Who reads trade publications?

92% of decision makers read trade publications. In addition, 97% of those people say they depend on trade magazines when making purchasing decisions.

Inc 500 interviewed 1,800 corporate executives about their businesses. almost all of them said that PR is more important to a company’s success than advertising.


Can PR Stories build brand trust

PR news articles are one of the keys to buidling brand trust. Read more here

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