RankinPR Generates Demand for Your Business​
​​What is Public Relations and why would you need it?

While just about everyone has heard of public relations (PR), the term is so over exposed and broadly used that one may not exactly know what it means.

While the straight forward understanding would point to creating some positive relations with the public, PR actually encompasses much more.

Public relations historically is where PR firms generate written content (press releases, feature articles, etc.) that is distributed through mass media (magazines, websites, newspapers, etc.).

However, with the ever-shrinking human attention span, it is increasingly vital to keep an eye how to evolve your communication and messaging to stay ahead of the curve.

With that in mind, RankinPR is looking at alternative ways to promote your business. The approach can dramatically improve a company’s ability to engage with a specific, targeted audience. The mission is to expand brand recognition and drastically increase lead generation which will ultimately create more sales.

This is important because while PR (a subset of marketing) and sales go hand-in-hand, marketing is sometimes thought of being less important. When facing difficult times, executives will often jump on the marketing budget as an expenses that can be cut.  It is always harder to demonstrate how the marketing department is directly increasing the bottom line.

"RankinPR is increasing our quantifiable value by producing and distributing content that directly benefits both current and potential customers."

So, it is important to understand marketing as a whole. So, here is a short thought experiment:

A furniture story plans on having a ‘huge’ sale. The store has a budget, of course, and decides to spend a majority of it to hire the very best sales people available. The day of the sale comes and no one shows up. So, what happened? Easy, I know, but stay with me.

You can have the best product ever with the most talented sales people in the world ready to push that product out the door, but if people don’t know you exist, it’s a total failure.

Marketing is the key to the puzzle. It gets the word out that you are not only here, but you are doing it better than your competitors.

Marketing allows those incredible sales people to do what they do best. Close!

It’s easy to forget when reviewing the budget, but marketing is  even more vital to your operation than sales. It’s just as important (and often times more so) as your product or service.