Case Study
From Invisible to Industry Leader


“We were invisible. I don't know another way to say it. We were simply not known."
Public Relations Client
Diane Kees
Chief Operating Officer: Micro Harmonics Corporation

Headquartered in Virginia, Micro Harmonics Corporation (MHC) is hugely successful when it comes to innovation. In fact, through a partnership with NASA, MHC successfully developed the world’s first components capable of operating optimally at ultra-high frequencies. This advancement in technology will enable future technologies like 6G, autonomous driving cars, smart cities, and IoT.

While the company is great at innovation, marketing was not a huge focal point in the early days.

“I don’t think I had an appreciation for it,” continues Kees. “We were just happy designing, building, and testing our components which were proving to be a breakthrough for the industry. So, I just thought that if we build it, they will come.”

However, when sales remained slow, Kees worried whether they would even be able to continue operations.

“I remember that panicky feeling of how in the world do I let people know that we are here and that we can do this?”

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  • Grow brand awareness and credibility

  • Build authority, shorten sales cycles, increase leads and sales

  • Grab a larger share of the market

  • Develop content that engages with prospects and can be used across digital channels

  • Publish stories that highlight the
    company’s value proposition without being self-promotional

  • Become thought leaders that
    people can turn to for insight and

Micro Harmonics turned to Rankin PR, which has developed a niche within the B2B technology sector writing feature articles and facilitating placement of those in top-tier trade journals. Often one article will publish 10-15 times (or more).

“What really surprised me was that they not only understand what we do, which is a highly technical field, but they were able to boil it down into great, relatable stories,” adds Kees.

While MHC lacked the awareness and credibility required to increase leads and sales, they did have a few select customers that were incredibly happy with the components they produced.

Rankin PR was able to develop articles based on those success stories and generate millions of impressions within their target markets.

In addition, Rankin’s public relations was able to leverage the content from the article for the company’s digital marketing channels including LinkedIn, where the company has grown an enormous following.


“It worked,” says Kees. “We doubled our sales in the first two years of working with them.” 

While Rankin PR was able to significantly increase the bottom line, the impact of the publicity has gone goes far beyond just increasing leads and sales.

At a recent conference in Asia, MHC was cited as the leader in the industry for millimeter wave and THz components.

“That’s really huge because we’re not the biggest, and we are not the leader in quantity. Yet, in the minds of our target audience, we are now considered the leaders. So, while we have been very innovative in what we do, I am convinced that this all comes from the marketing and public relations that Rankin PR is doing.”

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