B2B Social Media Marketing

Did you know?

Less than 1% of the businesses on LinkedIn

create original content.

That’s great news for your brand.

The more you post, the more you


Social Media Management for B2Bs


A successful B2B social media strategy is all about creating compelling content that amplifies brand awareness, educates your audience and builds credibility.


We generate content that connects with your target audience. We design all the elements – text, graphics, videos – to ensure that prospects find and engage with your profile.



Social media, when done right, builds a connection with potential buyers. It helps shape meaningful conversations, increase website traffic, improve lead generation, and drive revenue.

B2B Social Media

Social media is critical to a successful digital marketing campaign. Yet more than 1/3 of businesses have no social media presence. This is due in large part to B2B companies not having the time and/or resources to invest in social media.


Rather than focus on selling and pushing products, Rankin PR’s social media marketing strategies focus on creating actionable, educational content for your customers.


No matter how technical or niche your product or service is, our top-of-the-funnel, customer-centric approach will help attract and drive high-quality prospects to take action.
B2B Social Media

Which Social Media is Best for B2B?

 LinkedIn is the epicenter for business-to-business


With over 740 million users and over 46 million decision-makers, LinkedIn provides the perfect atmosphere for not only creating original content but nurturing sales prospects. LinkedIn is the most trusted social media network and saw an incredible 50% growth in engagement in 2020. Less than 1% of users creating original content. This provides a huge opportunity for your company to demonstrate your expertise, build credibility, and grow your brand.

To be seen as a leader in your industry, you need to be the first to market with innovative products and services. B2B social media management is the answer to your marketing needs.

As leading experts in B2B social media management, we can handle all your social media needs. Our team of specialists will work with you to set goals, and then will work effectively to carry them out. Let us expand your brand awareness, build trust, and increase your sales.


Rankin PR For Your
Social Media Management

Our LinkedIn Social Media Program creates content that conveys your key message points, differentiators and value proposition directly to your target audience, building meaningful connections and driving growth.

B2B social media marketing

Customized Social Media Campaigns

Our B2B social media marketing strategy consistently delivers beneficial content that increases your visibility and connects with your target audience.

  • Increase your thought leadership presence via social channels
  • Grow your following & increase engagement
  • Build, maintain and optimize social media profiles
  • Develop all content and accompanying images, graphics, and videos 
  • Increase social conversion to your website
  • Conduct a detailed social media audit
  • Create a comprehensive social media content strategy and calendar
  • Curate compelling social media content that expands your brand
  • Deliver monthly reporting and quarterly strategy sessions
  • Monitoring all interactions of your brand across the platform

75% of B2B buyers rely on social media to support purchasing decisions

Rankin PR specializes in creating social media campaigns for that grow your engagement rate, increase your followers and deliver you new customers.

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Social Media Ad Targeting

In addition to social media platform management,
Rankin PR manages paid ad targeting

The LinkedIn platform offers the ability to target a specific audience by geography, industry, job title, company size, member groups, email contact list or even company name. Rankin PR’s social media marketing team will work within your budget to maximize your audience reach. The cost of every campaign goes directly to the social media platform with a management fee of 30% of the total campaign budget.