Press Release: Dead or Evolving?

A press release was once a key tool in generating media placements.

However, the value of the traditional release continues to diminish.

One of the big problems is that too many releases focus on the company writing the release and not on the intended audience. They are filled with “WE” language, leaving out how the “news” will benefit the reader. 

Before you write another release, it is important to answer one question.

“What’s in this for them?”

This feature articles was written with customer testimonials. You can let your customers do the talking for you.

Ask us how.

5 Tips to Create More Impactful Press Releases

  • Solve problems and provide solutions; not sell and self-promote
  • Use emotional storytelling
  • Include photos or video to help tell the story visually
  • Make sure your release is newsworthy and relevant
  • Instead of generic quotes from the CEO, quote a customer

Informative content is the most effective way to turn prospects into customers

When it comes to reaching your target audience, informative content is the most effective way to turn prospects into leads.

Feature articles written about your success stories published in trade magazines grab the attention of the readers and drives them into action.

Plus, 92% of the decision makers in your target markets report still reading trade publications to help stay in front of the curve and guide purchasing decisions.

Generating the right press release content is crucial

You need content that provides relevance to your potential customer, educates them, benefits them, helps them reach an informed buying decision, and most importantly, makes them take action.


We write feature articles about you that get published in high-authority publications 50-80 times per year.


Our clients report exponential growth in the number of inbound leads they are generating with this approach. One client even saw a 600% increase in sales in just two years.


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